Explain three of the forces that oppose the protagonists in Act 4, scenes 1-4 of "Romeo and Juliet," bringing the ultimate end closer.

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missy575 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I am going to assume you take Romeo and Juliet to each be protagonists.

Force #1 - Authority - Juliet deals with parents who want to control her. She is their daughter and it is her job to obey, so she's arguing with them trying not to marry Paris, yet she can't tell them a good reason... because of...

Force #2 - Secrecy - When Romeo and Juliet wake in the morning and have a cute lovers quarrel over the fact whether it is night or day, the whole purpose is to discover if they have to part. Being day, they have to keep the secret and Romeo books on out.

Force #3 - Betrayal -The nurse advises Juliet to forget Romeo and just marry Paris. While this probably is really good advice, Juliet is in no condition to accept it, she is completely trippin' over Romeo.

All three of these forces push the buttons of the protagonists, more though, Juliet. When people get pushed, you see what they are really made of. However, Romeo and Juliet are still just kids, and being pushed to the brink, at the end, they both go over the edge.