In Act 4, Scene 1, how do the characters react to the "dream" in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream ?

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The Athenian couples awake from their dream half believing that what they had experienced was reality, half believing it was a dream, and half believing they are still asleep and still dreaming.

We first see this state of mind in Lysander's response to Theseus's question of how he came to be in the woods sleeping so near to his enemy Demetrius. Lysander relays his amazed and confused state of mind by saying:

My Lord, I shall reply amazedly,
Half asleep, half waking; but as yet, I swear,
I cannot truly say how I came here. (IV.i.147-148)

This passage shows us that, having just woken up and now reflecting back on the night, Lysander feels that he has been living through all the events...

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