Act 4 and Act 5 Questions PLEASE HELP ME. im having trouble answering these!! even if you answer one, its a HUGE help!!!!!! Act 4: 1. Choose a character from Act 4 for whom you feel sympathy. Describe the character and explain why he or she elicits a sympathetic response.  Act 5:1. Review Macbeth's speech in Scene 3, lines 27-31. Name the things that Macbeth thinks should accompany old age. What does he think will happen to him instead? Rewrite this short speech in your own words.2. Describe Malcolm's promises for his first actions as King of Scotland, as set forth in the final speech of the play. 3. What do you think was Macbeth's biggest mistake?4. Why do you think Macbeth decides to leave the safety of the castle for the battlefield, instead of waiting out a siege - his original plan?

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I think Macbeth's biggest mistake was reporting what the witches told him to his wife. After the strange encounter he could, like Banquo, have let events take their natural course, and he may have embraced success, as he speculated "without my stir". By Telling Lady Macbeth, he fires her ambition, which is far stronger than his own.

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Macbeth's biggest mistake was listening to the witches. He never should have done this in the first place, and he should have known in the end that they were playing him. That was how Macbeth became susceptible to Macduff and eventually killed.
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question #1

 Certainly, readers and audiences of Macbeth must be sympathetic to the tragic plight of Lady Macduff, who feels betrayed as her husband so quickly leaves her and flees the country. She does not understand why Macduff has so suddenly left, and fears that he is a traitor.  When she talks with her son, he does not sympathize with her, and when the murderers appear and call Macduff a liar the boy shouts, "Thou li'st, thou shag-eared villain."  Macduffs son is then stabbed, and his poor mother must witness his death.

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For Act 5, you could use question number 4 as the answer to question number 2.

Regarding the others, Malcolm says all of his his loyal thanes and kinsmen will be named earls of Scotland. He also says he will recall everyone who fled into exile out of fear that Macbeth would have them killed.

Macbeth says that "honour, love, obedience, and troops of friends" should accompany old age. Instead he will have "curses" from his many enemies.

I'd say the most sympathetic character in Act 4 is Macduff, who experiences the murder of his entire family.



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