In Act 3 of "The Crucible", what accusation does Mary make about Proctor after she rejoins the other girls in their hysterical behavior?

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In Act III, Mary Warren, in an effort to divert attention away from the accusation made against her, because she has changed her story about seeing spirits, turns and identifies John Proctor as the man who has forced her to sign her name in the Devil's book. 

"Mary Warren, You're the Devil's man!" (Miller)

Mary says this pointing at John Proctor.  She then says:

"Mary: He come at me by night and every day to sign, to sign to-" (Miller)

"My name, he want my name, I'll murder you, he says, if my wife hangs, We must go and overthrow the court, he says" (Miller)

"He wake me every night, his eyes were like coals and his fingers claw my neck, and I sign, I sign" (Miller)

She makes it clear to the court that she will no longer do as Proctor has forced her, she will now return to God.  She rushes at Abigail Williams and hugs her, claiming that she will hurt her no more.

John Proctor is taken to jail, accused of conspiring with the Devil, he will hang for witchcraft.

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