In Act 3, Scene 5, what advice is the nurse giving and why? How does this relate to previous events and influence future events?  

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The nurse is doing her best to protect Juliet in this scene. She knows that Juliet is besotted with Romeo—indeed, at this point, Juliet is already married to Romeo—but argues that the situation simply means Juliet cannot be with him. The nurse puts this very matter-of factly—"Faith, here it is"—and explains that because Romeo is banished, he can never come back to claim Juliet, or if he did, it would have to be under cover of darkness, "by stealth." Therefore, the pair can never have a happy life together.

The nurse's recommendation is that Juliet marry Paris , a match which "excels" her first. She tries to encourage Juliet to do this by comparing Romeo unfavorably to Paris, saying that he is "a dishclout" next to Paris. She says that Romeo may as well be dead in terms of how much use he now is to Juliet. Unfortunately, her tone is entirely wrong, although her heart is in the right place. Juliet is a young girl in love; she cannot be rationalized out of her desire to be with Romeo....

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