How does Act 3, Scene 5 enhance the play in Macbeth?

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In Act 3, Scene 5, Hecate scolds the three Weird Sisters for messing with Macbeth.  This scene serves to increase the suspense and foreshadow later trouble for Macbeth.

Act 3, Scene 5 mainly serves to increase the suspense and establish a mood  of darkness and violence.  In this scene, Hecate confronts the Weird Sisters about their interference with Macbeth.

How did you dare

To trade and traffic with Macbeth

In riddles and affairs of death  …? (p. 54)

She tells the witches she is going to step in and take care of things now, and they will meet again with Macbeth and he will “come to know his destiny” (p. 54).  While the first scene involving the witches was kind of playful, we get the idea that things are serious now.

We know that trouble is coming for Macbeth, because Hecate describes him as a “wayward son” and tells the sisters that she plans to be busy, spending the night involved in “a dismal and a fatal end” (p. 54).  This scene serves as foreshadowing of the witches’ involvement and the darkness remaining in the play.


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