In Act III scene ii what decision does Juliet make? What are some quotes to show this? 

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kapokkid eNotes educator| Certified Educator

After getting through her initial confusion about Romeo being dead and then Tybalt and Romeo being dead, Juliet is basically overcome by the love she has for Romeo and she decides that her love for him is greater than that for her cousin or for her family in general.

Why followed not, when she said ‘Tybalt's dead,’
Thy father, or thy mother, nay, or both,
Which modern lamentation might have mov'd?(125)
But with a rearward following Tybalt's death,
‘Romeo is banished’— to speak that word
Is father, mother, Tybalt, Romeo, Juliet,
All slain, all dead.

She speaks to herself as well as to the nurse and she tries to make it clear that she no longer feels as loyal to her family as she does to her new husband.  It is now Romeo for whom she feels the familial bonds.  And so she orders the nurse to bring him her ring and to bring him to her that night before he must be banished.

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