How is this scene a whirlwind of action and surprise? Act 3 Scene 1 Whirlwind of action and surprise How is this scene a whirlwind of action and surprise?

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When Act III Scene I opens Benvolio and Mercutio argue as Benvolio suggests they should leave because if they encounter the Capulets they will not "'scape a brawl," and Mercutio accuses Benvolio of being "as hot a jack in thy mood as any in Italy." This small argument foreshadows his heated conflicts to come later. But, surprisingly, it is Mercutio, who has cautioned Benvolio, that immediately flares up when Tybalt accosts him.  Further, Mercutio's anger then ignites Tybalt's; so, when Romeo enters, and surprisingly, declares that he now loves Tybalt, Tybalt is insulted and becomes incensed.  Romeo's declaration of love is also perceived as "calm, dishonorable, vile submission" according to Mercutio, who then draws his sword.  Most surprising of all, though, it the fact that Romeo's peaceful intentions backfire and end up causing Mercutio his life. Then, Romeo suddenly chastises himself for his "womanly" peaceful attempts and draws his own sword, killing Tybalt. 

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