In act 3, scene 1, what does Romeo say that Juliet's love has done to him? And what does Lady Capulet accuse Benvolio of and why?  

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In act three, scene one, Tybalt draws his sword on Romeo, and Mercutio defends his close friend by challenging Tybalt to a duel. Tybalt and Mercutio begin to fight, and Romeo attempts to break them apart by stepping in the middle of them. Tybalt uses Romeo's distraction to his advantage by fatally wounding Mercutio. As Mercutio is dying, he curses both the Montague and Capulet families before passing away. When Mercutio and Benvolio exit the scene, Romeo says,

O sweet Juliet, Thy beauty hath made me effeminate And in my temper softened valor’s steel! (Shakespeare, 3.1.75-77).

Romeo essentially blames Juliet's beauty for softening his heart, causing him to become sensitive and making him effeminate. After Romeo takes revenge on Tybalt by killing him, Lady Capulet and Prince Escalus arrive on the scene. Lady Capulet begs Prince Escalus to murder someone from the Montague family and desires revenge for Tybalt's death. When Benvolio explains what happened to Prince Escalus and confesses that Tybalt started the fight, Lady Capulet accuses him of lying because he is loyal to the Montague family. She knows that Benvolio is Lord Montague's nephew and Romeo's cousin, which is why she refuses to believe his side of the story.

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In act 3, scene 1, Romeo tries to keep Mercutio and Tybalt from fighting. Things go wrong, though, and Tybalt kills Mercutio. Romeo kills Tybalt in anger.

After this happens, Romeo is really mad at himself. He says that Juliet's beauty (I assume that's the part you mean) has turned him into a woman (made him a coward).

When Lady Capulet comes on the scene, Benvolio is trying to tell the Prince what has happened—that it was not Romeo's fault. But Lady Capulet says Benvolio is lying because he's related to the Montagues.

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