Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller

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In act 2, Willy talks wistfully about another salesman. What is so alluring about this former salesman to Willy?

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Dave Singleman was the man Willy admires. Note the symbolism of his name...Singleman...Willy longs to not be tied down by his responsibilities. Dave lived a long life, and was so succcessful that in later years he no longer had to go on the road (something Willy wants to do as well.)...

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freakingenius | Student

his last name is singleman and it represents Willy's longing no longer to be tied down by the many things that he is responsible for in life. he admires this man because he is somewhat free, his life isn't constricted or restricted by the things that he must accompliah. in Willy's eyes he is successfull and that is his life long dream therfore he admires this man and pays much respect and due to him.

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