What problems remain unsolved at the end of Act 2 in All My Sons?

Expert Answers
teachertaylor eNotes educator| Certified Educator

By the end of Act 2 in All My Sons, several problems still remain unresolved.  First, Kate has still not accepted the fact that Larry is most likely dead.  Chris tells her that she will not move on until their lives change, namely, until she accepts that he will marry Ann, Larry's old girlfriend.  Kate, however, says that she will not accept the marriage either.  In addition to the conflict with his mother, Chris is also in conflict with his father regarding the family business.  Joe claims that he kept the family business strong so that he can one day pass it on to Chris, but Chris is not interested in running the business.  Joe cannot understand why Chris would want a different career path for himself.  Finally, George's visit has prompted the family to reconsider Joe's role in distributing the faulty machine parts.  Joe has stated that he was home sick with the flu on the day that Herbert mended and shipped the cylinders, but Kate accidentally says that Joe has not been sick for fifteen years.  George questions the verity of Joe's claim, and even though Kate tries to take back what she has said, doubt lingers.  So, many of the major problems that have been developed in All My Sons still remain unresolved by the end of Act 2.