A Midsummer Night's Dream Questions and Answers
by William Shakespeare

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Act 2, scene 1. A) Describe the conflict between Titania and Oberon. What is the root of their argument?

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These two are the Queen and King, respectively, of the fairies.  In Act II, Scene 1, we see them for the first time in the play.  At this point, they are very angry at one another.

They are fighting over a little human boy.  The boy is referred to in the play as a "changeling."  Titania has brought the boy from India because his mother was her friend.  Oberon, for whatever reason, wants the boy for himself.  He just wants the boy to be his "henchman" -- his assistant or messenger.

Their argument will cause all kinds of problems that will make up much of the rest of the play.

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jadej | Student

Titania has an indian boy( not her own) but has promised his mother that she'll take care of him, but the mother died during giving birth. But Oberon is trying to take this as an advantage, to use the boy as a slave. Titania objects and this is the root of the argument. Patriarchy is shown in this- Oberon believes strongly that men are more powerful than women, at those times this was thought a lot. And when Titania, disagrees and opposes his idea, Oberon wants revenge- not quite realising how much damage he causes...