In Act 1, who does Capulet want to woo his daughter, and how does he intend to help him do it? Act 1

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Lord Capulet wants Count Paris to woo Juliet. He knows that he is related to Prince Escalus and has a high social status in the kingdom. He feels that Juliet should also have a say in the process. If Paris attends the ball, gets the chance to talk to Juliet and "they hit it off", then Lord Capulet will give his consent to wed Juliet. He also feels that Juliet is still too young to be married because she is only 13 years old. He would like to see "two summers" go be before she marries so she would nothave an unhappy marriage and be "marred." He also wants to be sure that Paris truly loves her and she is not just a fling. There will always be pretty faces but true love lasts for the entire person inside and out.

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Capulet is meeting with Paris. Capulet's main concern is to make sure that the match between the two is compatiable. At first he tries to dissaude Paris from marrying his daughter by saying she is too young for marriage. Paris points out that many girls of Juliet's age are married and even mothers. Capulet mentions there will be a masked ball at the Capulet home. It is there that Paris will have to woo Juliet. If Juliet likes Paris then Capulet will agree to the marriage.

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