In Act 1,what behavior does Reverend Hale exhibit?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Reverend Hale enters convinced of the need to rid Salem of the devil's influence.  He has pieced together enough to believe that the presence in Salem is that of the devil.  The behavior he exhibits in the opening Act is that of a crusader or savior.  He is completely driven by the idea that what he is doing and what he is brought for in Salem is to rid the town of evil.  The social construction that Hale accepts and believes in is the idea of there being a distinct force of "good" and an equally distinct force of "evil."  In this, Hale operates with a true sense of sincerity and authenticity as he understands, or believes to understand, what his purpose is and how he is to operate in Salem.  This behavior is something that motivates Hale, drives him.  It is for this reason that he enters carrying a heavy load of books, presumably about the presence of evil.  In this, Hale operates with an absolutism, something that is going to be tested and tried as the drama continues.  Yet, in the drama's first act, Hale operates and exhibits this intense faith in absolutism and clarity in what he is doing as right.