In act 1, scene 5 of "Macbeth", what do lines 15-59 say in modern english?

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Lady MacBeth is thinking aloud about the letter she has received from MacBeth and the news about the weird sisters' prophecies. She fears MacBeth's good nature because she fears that he is too kind, he is "too full o' the mild of human kindness" to do the bad things, the "illness" that sometimes must accompany "ambition." She, at this point in the play, is still full of an almost demonic revolutionary spirit. When MacBeth returns she will impart some of her own "spirits" by pouring them into "thine" ear and "chastise with the valor of [her] tongue" that keeps him from the crown, "the golden round."

Lines 39-55 is her famous invocation to the spirits "which tend on mortal thoughts" to "unsex" her there and take away any feminine and motherly attributes and "fill her up" with "direst cruelty" so that she may be able to do the evil things she does in the future.