In Act 1 scene 4, what is revealed about Mercutio's character?

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During Act I scene 4 of Romeo and Juliet, Mercutio is accompanying Romeo and a bunch of friends to the Capulet party. Romeo has just expressed concern about going to the party because he'd had a bad dream and he feels that something bad will happen if he goes.  Mercutio, in his Queen Mab speech, tries to calm Romeo's fears by saying that dreams are nothing but the creations of a fairy who "comes in shape no bigger than an agate stone" to whisper in sleepers' ears.  This shows that Mercutio does not believe in dreams, and he convinces Romeo to go to the party after all.  Mercutio is a very charismatic character who is able to be convince Romeo to go ahead and have some fun. This is the catalyst that sets the rest of the tragedy in motion because if Romeo had listened to his intuition, he would not have met Julet, and he would not have subsequently died.

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that he is romeos best friend and that he cares 4 roemo that why he took him to the masque party to find another true love

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