In Act I, scene 2 of "Macbeth", what is the soldier's story? What does the soldier describe?

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In Act I, scene 2 "Macbeth," when the king sights a bloodied solder in the camp near Forres, he asks Malcolm, his son, if the man can give a report of the battle.  Malcom replies that this brave and "hardy soldier fought/Gainst my captivity." (I,ii,4-5)  The man has been engaged against Macdonwald and has saved King Duncan's son from harm.  This captain explains what has happened against the lightly armed Irish foot soldiers and the heavily armed ones, as well:  the "kerns and gallowglasses" (I,ii,13).

In the midst of this engagement in which "fortune" seemed to favor Macdonwald, "brave Macbeth " entered, "disdaining...

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