Discuss your impressions of Brutus when he's talking to Cassius and Casca about Caesar in Act I, scene 2.

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IN Act I, Scene 2 of Julius Caesar, Brutus appears worried about the fate of Rome.  He is faced with an internal conflict - on one hand, he loves Rome and on the other, he loved Caesar.  He mentions in the text, "I do fear the people have chosen Caesar as their King."  The use of the word "fear" implies that Brutus is scared that Caesar will rule as a dictator and destroy the Republic of Rome.  Cassius, as you know, dislikes Caesar.  He gives two major reasons - he cannot swim and he cried like a girl when he was sick in Spain.  Clearly Cassius is jealous of Caesar and that fuels his desire to take Caesar our of power.  Cassius manipulates Brutus into fearing the rule of Caesar.  Brutus seems like a kind and honorable man who is faced with a difficult decision.  Ultimately, his motivations are good, however his actions are debatable.

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