In Act 1 of "The Crucible" what are some of the clues that the devil has invaded Salem?

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dneshan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Act 1 of "The Crucible" there are quite a few things that take place that make the people of Salem believe that the devil has invaded their village.  First, Bety Parris and Ruth Putnam are in some sort of a coma in which they can not move or talk.  Both girls lie in bed motionless and speechless; Ruth also will not open her eyes.  Then, Parris finds out that the girls were dancing in the forest -- for a Puritan this would most definately be a sign of the devil.  Betty also begins to scream and says that she is going to fly to her mother.  Giles Coret tells Rev. Hale that his wife reads books that prohibit him from sleeping or parying in the house.  Finally, Tituba and the girls reveal that they have seen certain people of Salem making compacts with the devil.