Across Five Aprils Questions and Answers
by Irene Hunt

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In Across Five Aprils, how do I describe the veiws of Matt, Wilse, John, and Bill during the dinner conversation in Chapter 2?

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In the heated conversation amongst the men in Chapter 2, Wilse Graham is the most passionately devoted to the Confederate cause.  He says the root cause of the conflict is that "half of the country has growed rich...but still jealous and fearful that the other half is apt to find good fortune too...the North has become arrogant toward the South...the high-tariff industrialists would sooner heve the South starve than give an inch that might cost them a penny".  Although he is not completely comfortable with the idea of slavery, he owns a few slaves himself.  He justifies his actions by pointing out the slavery has been around "from the beginnin' of history", and rightly asks...

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