In The Story of My Life, account for Helen's enjoyment of the theater by givng examples from the text.

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Helen Keller is renowned for finding the positive in every situation. Her blindness and deafness, as detailed in The Story of My Life, do not stop her from engrossing herself in activities that would be beyond the scope of most individuals with her disabilities. However Helen, even when she does feel the intensity of "life's shut gate" still rises from it and tries "to make the light in others' eyes my sun."(ch 22)

The first visit to the theater that Helen remembers is when she is about ten years old and attends a showing of "The Prince and The Pauper." This has given Helen an appreciation for many things, "even darkness and silence." She considers herself fortunate that she is often, on most of her visits to the theater, allowed to go backstage and touch the costumes and experience the depth of texture which enhance her enjoyment. The theater allows Helen to feel as "if I were living in the midst of stirring events" and she is transported to "the romantic past."

Joseph Jefferson allows Helen to involve herself in a version of "The Rivals" and even to make seemingly "random gestures" during his reciting of "Rip van Winkel."These events allow Helen to imagine the "ideal" life" and she is in awe. Helen feels contentment from these experiences.