The Post-American World

by Fareed Zakaria

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According to Zakaria, discuss the strength of connection between economic growth and democratization?

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I think that Zakaria would suggest a very strong connection must exist between economic growth and democratization. When he speaks of the need for conditions to be right in order to facilitate a legitimate democracy, economic growth and security is a part of this equation.  Zakaria's analysis of Russia is one such example.  Part of the reason why Yeltsin and Putin have been the only "democratic" leaders of Russia is because of its lack of economic growth and security.  For Zakaria, the lack of economic security and economic growth in a particular nation makes it ripe for democratic reforms to not be thorough and legitimate.  The more that a nation features a setting in which economic growth is not steady and secure, the greater the chance that democratic initiatives will not flourish in the bloom of legitimacy that they should.  In his suggestions at the end of the book, Zakaria suggests that nations must recognize their own international place in a globalized setting in order to gain legitimacy as well as understand the power within democratization.  This would suggest that economic growth is a critical element to democratization and that the latter is dependent on the presence of the former in order to develop properly.

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