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What is the originality of Home by Toni Morrison? Is there anything striking about the novel?

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Your teacher obviously wanted your opinion on this novel, so consider the following ideas I will give you but please come to your own conclusions after reading both the novel and these comments. What moves me or seems unique and original to me may not seem so to you.

Home by Toni Morrison is a short novella, and there are several reasons why it might be considered original or unique. First of all, it is not like most of Morrison's other novels. While the characters are black and suffer extreme prejudice from bigoted and sometimes violent whites, and despite the protagonist's struggles to achieve some sense of normality in life, Home is written in a much more straightforward and direct style, sontaining very little of the lush and soaring prose for which she is most known. That is not to say it is not beautifully written; however, it is a departure from her usual style and could therefore be considered "original" or "striking."

A more significant reason this novella might be considered unique...

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