According to Wollstonecraft, in what way will bettering women’s education benefit men?

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In addressing this issue, Wollstonecraft may be tempering or moderating her actual views in order to make them more convincing and "acceptable" to a male-dominated society.

In chapter 12 of the Vindication, she begins by discussing education in general and the defects in the current system. At first, her point is, perhaps surprisingly, that the manner in which boys are educated is harmful to them. Schooling as it currently exists creates a situation in which bad morals are inculcated:

At school boys become gluttons and slovens, and, instead of cultivating domestic affections, very early rush into the libertinism which destroys the constitution before it is formed; hardening the heart as it weakens the understanding.

Boarding schools, she indicates (in an interesting anticipation of George Orwell's views 150 years later in Such, Such Were the Joys ), are especially harmful to the spirit. The essence of her critique is that boys who attend public schools (i.e., what Americans today would describe...

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