According to Willy, how is Howard different from his father?

Expert Answers
M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Howard is different than his father in that, first of all, Howard used to esteem and care about the quality, and not quantity of good labor and animosity, atmosphere and productivity of the company. Howard is a "new age kid" with his goals set on nothing but money. He sees his salesmen as expenditures that can be replaced if they do not work properly, hence, Willy Loman is a problem for him already. Willy had held Howard in his arms when he was a baby, and even suggested the name Howard to his old boss. Now that the baby has grown, and became the legate of his father's business, one would assume that Willy will enjoy some filial treatment from a man whom he had known since childhood. Instead, Howard treats Willy like any other employee whom he can use, misuse, and destitute at any time, and that is exactly what he did.