According to Two-Bit, why don't the Socs fight fair in The Outsiders?  

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Two-Bit says the Socs do not fight fair because they gang up on a guy. 

When Johnny, Pony, and Two-Bit are at the movies with two Soc girls, Cherry and Soc, it is an usual experience for all of them.  It is not common for Socs and greasers to hang out together, but the girls have ditched their boyfriends for being drunk and they are being polite to the greasers. The girls find Pony and Two-Bit’s conversation about Dally and Tim Shepard interesting.  Two-Bit says that Shepard is looking for whoever slashed his tires, but there will be a fair fight.  Greasers fight fair, he says, but Socs do not. 

"A fair fight isn't rough," Two-Bit said. "Blades are rough. So are chains...

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