According to Truman, why do unions exist ?

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President Truman believed unions were necessary for workers. He believed that without a union to represent the workers, the workers and the working class would be treated poorly. He believed that businesses had little incentive to improve pay, offer a decent benefits package, provide good working conditions, and have decent work hours. If one worker tried to bring about a change by himself or herself, that worker would be fired. When all the workers united with a union representing them, the workers had a much better chance of getting a fair deal from the business owners. While President Truman understood why unions were needed, he was not a strong supporter of some of the union activities. However, he needed the support of labor, and he worked to help them.

President Truman believed the workers needed a voice in order to make their lives better. He knew what had happened before unions existed. Workers had a difficult time getting improvements in their entire working package. Truman believed the unions gave workers the voice they needed to get the pay, the working conditions, the benefits package, and the fair working hours that they deserved.

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