According to Two-Bit, why don't the Socs fight fair in The Outsiders?

Two-Bit believes the Socs don't fight fair because they gang up on one or two kids. He believes a fair fight should be between two people and finds it wrong to jump a person who is significantly outnumbered, which is exactly how the Socs fight.

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In chapter 2, page 29, Two-Bit says that a "fair fight isn't rough" and that the use of weapons such as blades and chains is rough fighting. He says the Socs are rough for precisely that reason. They corner one or two people or fight each other with their social clubs. In comparison, "skin fighting," fighting with your fists, is considered a more equal fight. As Two-Bit states, throwing a few punches "blows off steam better than anything." He even advocates fist-fighting between themselves occasionally as a way to resolve an argument or clear the air.

Two-Bit is talking in reference to a leader of another Greaser gang called Tim Shepherd, who wants to fight Dallas because he saw him slashing his car tires. Two-Bit states that he is relieved that Dallas doesn't have his blade with him because he knows that Tim will fight fair as long as Dallas doesn't pull out a weapon.

In chapter 4, we see what can happen when the gangs fight rough. The Socs gang corners Johnny and Ponytail when they are alone. Some of the Socs hold Ponytail's head underwater until he thinks he's drowning while the other's gang up on Johnny. In the resulting fight, Johnny pulls out his blade in self-defense and stabs Bob, the Socs leader, to death.

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In chapter 2, Pony and Johnny befriend two Soc cheerleaders named Cherry and Marcia at the drive-in movies. Shortly after Dally leaves, Two-Bit arrives and scares his fellow greasers for fun. When Two-Bit asks the boys where Dally is, they tell him that he "went hunting some action" and is probably looking for a fight. Two-Bit responds by telling them that Tim Shepard's crew is looking for him after Curley witnessed Dally slash their tires. Pony mentions that Dally shouldn't have any trouble because Tim will fight fair. Cherry is intrigued by the conversation and asks Two-Bit if he believes in "playing rough or anything."

Two-Bit responds to Cherry's question by elaborating on the unwritten rules of fighting. Two-Bit explains that a fair fight isn't rough, since it is between two people, and nobody is using weapons. Two-Bit goes on to say that there is nothing wrong with throwing a few punches and blowing off steam. However, he considers Socs "rough" because they do not fight fair. According to Two-Bit, Socs gang up on one or two kids, or they fight each other with their social clubs. The Greasers believe that a fair fight is between two people and should not involve weapons, which is why they do not view the Socs as fair fighters. Each time Pony and Johnny were threatened or beat by the Socs, they were significantly outnumbered and vulnerable, which validates Two-Bit's opinion of their gang.

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Two-Bit says the Socs do not fight fair because they gang up on a guy. 

When Johnny, Pony, and Two-Bit are at the movies with two Soc girls, Cherry and Soc, it is an usual experience for all of them.  It is not common for Socs and greasers to hang out together, but the girls have ditched their boyfriends for being drunk and they are being polite to the greasers. The girls find Pony and Two-Bit’s conversation about Dally and Tim Shepard interesting.  Two-Bit says that Shepard is looking for whoever slashed his tires, but there will be a fair fight.  Greasers fight fair, he says, but Socs do not. 

"A fair fight isn't rough," Two-Bit said. "Blades are rough. So are chains and heaters and pool sticks and rumbles. Skin fighting isn't rough. It blows off steam better than anything. There's nothing wrong with throwing a few punches. Socs are rough. They gang up on one or two, or they rumble each other with their social clubs. (Ch. 2) 

Basically, when two greasers have a problem, they fight.  The Socs gang up on one person as a group.  These are not fair odds.

The differences between Socs and greasers are many.  They are constantly feuding, with territory firmly drawn.  Cherry tries to explain to Pony that Socs are not all the same, and they have problems too.   She thinks that Two-Bit and Pony are being prejudicial, painting all Socs with the same brush and assuming they have all of the advantages. 

"I'll bet you think the Socs have it made. The rich kids, the West-side Socs. I'll tell you something, Ponyboy, and it may come as a surprise. We have troubles you've never even heard of. You want to know something?" She looked me straight in the eye. "Things are rough all over." (Ch. 2)

After the movies, Cherry asks Pony about Darry.  Pony gets defensive, even insulting Johnny when he gets involved, telling him that he isn't wanted at home.  Pony and Two-Bit discuss how the greasers "have all the rough breaks!"  Pony realizes that he forgot that the Soc girls were there.  They may have problems too, but the greasers and Socs will always be different.

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