According to Tris, what are the two personality types of Dauntless in Divergent?

According to Tris, the two personality types of Dauntless are honorable and ruthless. The former members embody the faction's principles, whereas the latter care more about power.

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With family history in Abnegation, Tris finds the Dauntless world of reckless freedom new and unfamiliar. Although she wants a life of adventure and mystery, she also sees that different personality patterns emerge within the Dauntless faction. When Eric wants two initiates to fight until one "is unable to continue," Tris sees a darker side of Dauntless than the one she originally envisioned. She notes that there are "two different kinds of Dauntless—the honorable kind, and the ruthless kind." Throughout training, her diverse experiences—both good and bad—show her that there are those in Dauntless who still live lives based upon friendship, honesty, and trust.

However, there are also those, like Eric, who push people to the breaking point and who have an intimidating approach to the other members of the faction. Such individuals push their expectations of how the factions operate in a domineering manner. Eric is hateful, and he challenges Tris throughout training, hoping to break her spirit and limit her ability to succeed. His aim is to gain power and control, which is not how the others—Tobias/"Four," for example—function. In Tris's eyes, Tobias is the kind of honorable Dauntless member whom one strives to emulate, unlike Eric.

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