According to The Guardian, up to half a million disabled people in the UK and their families will be financially worse off by 2025. Analyze the issues relating to the provision of funding cuts for elderly people with disabilities.

The main issue relating to social care services and the cuts in funding for social care for elderly people with disabilities is that it forces the disabled to live in poverty and lowers their chances to lead healthy lives, as the consequences of improper social care and unmet needs are incredibly damaging and even life-threatening.

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In 2017, The Guardian published two articles regarding the provision and funding of services for the disabled, specifically in the UK. One of the articles described how the cuts in funding affect the disabled, while the other discusses the cuts in the social care budget in general and the consequences it has on the disabled population, including the older people with disabilities.

Many people with disabilities rely on social care services to go about their day and lead their lives. When the British government decided to make continuous cuts to the social care budget, it essentially "pushed the disabled into poverty," as thousands of disabled people, older people, and older people with disabilities were left without proper care. As of 2019, the universal credit no longer includes EDP (enhanced disability premium) and SDP (severe disability premium), and social care funding is yet to be addressed by Budget, which only prolongs the social care crisis in Britain.

The key issue with these cuts in the funding for social care is the fact that it leaves the disabled, as well as the elderly disabled—whose lives basically depend on social care services—in a very dangerous and vulnerable position: many are incapable of carrying on with their lives, as they don't have the proper care provided to them, and struggle physically, mentally, and financially. Most struggle to make ends meet and do not have their needs (both low-level and high-level) met:

There are now widespread reports of disabled people becoming physically sicker because they have no help to move or wash themselves; or sliding into depression when, with no care worker to help them get out of the house, they are forced to spend day and night within four walls … In addition, benefit cuts have resulted in wheelchairs and adapted cars being taken away from disabled people’s homes and driveways.

Furthermore, these cuts in the funding won't improve the economy but will most likely result with additional economic problems and sociopolitical instability. The estimation that half a million disabled people and their families in the UK will be financially worse off by 2025 is not an exaggeration—on the contrary, it is, unfortunately, a very plausible scenario. Perhaps the elderly in general are "seen as a group of people that need to be protected." The disabled, especially the older people with disabilities, however, are often forgotten. The effects of such negligence and insufficient support to social care are and can be devastating, disastrous, and even deadly.

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