According to chapter 9, what is Lyddie's first impression of the mill?

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Lyddie’s first impression of the mill is that it’s noisy and frightening.

Lyddie is fascinated by the machines she sees at the mill.  She uses a lot of animal imagery to describe them.

Creation! What a noise! Clatter and clack, great shuddering moans, groans, creaks, and rattles. The shrieks and whistles of huge leather belts on wheels. And when her brain cleared enough, Lyddie saw through the murky air row upon row of machines … (Ch. 9)

Lyddie is impressed by the reactions of the girls who work at the factory.  They are not bothered by the noise, and they handle the machines well.

The girls didn't seem afraid or even amazed. As she walked by with the overseer, girls glanced up. A few smiled, some stared. No one seemed to mind the deafening din. How could they stand it? (Ch. 9)

Lyddie wants to turn and run, because the noise and controlled chaos is overwhelming.  When she is spoken to, she can’t even understand the words.  Diana rescues her from Mr. Marsden, offering to help her out.

Lyddie is amazed at how Diana manages the machines.  She tells Lyddie to be careful not to ruin the piece, because if she does she does not get paid.  It takes all of Lyddie’s strength to run the machine.  Diana helps her learn her way around it so that she does not get hurt.

After this long day, Lyddie has to study the regulations.  Diana helps her, but reading the regulations is a struggle for Lyddie because she is not well educated.  She did not get to go to school after her father left because of her mother’s fragile mental condition.  Lyddie does soon discover a love of reading when she first hears Oliver Twist read to her.

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