according to thomas Hardy "character is fate"how the fate has played arole in Henchard role?

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I assume what you meant is "how fate has played a role in Henchard's life". Anyway, moving forward to the answer, every episode in the play, right from the beginning of the novel is caused due to a coincidence or chance, influenced by fate of course. In the very first chapter of the novel, the auction of Susan and Elizabeth-Jane at the Weydon Fair is also ruled over by fate,as Susan chooses the furmity tent over the other stalls of edibles. Little does she know that the furmity woman might sneak a pour of rum into Henchard's furmity and cause him to act in such away. Henchard's character is ruled by fate entirely, as his achievements and losses are all given and taken on account of his luck and not his intellect. His behaviour and attitude in life at different stages is moulded by the course of fate towards him. His character is his fate.

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