According to Thackery, Vanity Fair is a novel without a hero. Comment on this. 

mkcapen1 | Student

Thackery wrote the novel Vanity Fair without a hero on purpose.  His character Becky Sharpe is more of a bohemian who is desiring to rise in society.  She is a woman of freewill bound by a society that wants to keep her at bay.  However, she is not a prim and proper woman.  She will do whatever it takes to rise socially.  The other characters are all marred with their own flaws.  Eventually the characters come to terms with their own flaws and are all the better for them.

Thackery wrote his novel as a means of his own support and in competition with Dickens.  He had chosen to write it so that each of his character's personalities and actions would shape one another’s direction.

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