According to the speaker, what main characteristic does a wise person have?

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literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In the Anglo-Saxon poem "The Wanderer", the speaker states a wise man must be many different things.

According to the speaker, a wise man must be patient and not too impulsive. He must also be thoughtful of speech, a strong warrior, and never too reckless. He must never be too reckless, fearful, or cheerful. The wise man must not crave materialistic possessions or boast. He must wait before making a promise given that his heart may tell him that the oath cannot be kept. A wise man must also realize that the earth will not last forever; it will eventually lie in waste.

Lastly, a wise man must always keep his faith. This, alone, is what gave the Wanderer the strength to carry on during his life of exile and his quest to find a new ring-giver (king).