According to the shepard, if his love agrees, what pleasure will await them? 

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According to the shepherd, if his love agrees, they will enjoy all the pleasures of nature, including valleys, woods, hills, fields, and mountains. While they are enjoying nature, they will sit on rocks and watch shepherds tending to their sheep, and they will sit by rivers where birds will serenade them. The shepherd will make his beloved a bed of roses, a hat of flowers, and a gown (or "kirtle") sewn with myrtle leaves. The shepherd will also make his lover a gown made of the best wool from his sheep, and he will make his beloved slippers and a gold belt buckle. He will give his lover a belt of straw with decorations made of amber and coral, and they will be serenaded by swains, or young people in the country. The delights that Marlowe describes are pastoral and represent the idyllic aspect of nature. 

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