According to Scout, what was the only good thing about second grade?

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Although Scout still doesn’t like school, she does like walking home with Jem each day to stay close to him, and going to school a full day allows her to do this.  Jem has been a little distant before the start of school because of the incident with his pants at the Radley house, and Scout wants to hear what happened that night.  Jem finally tells her about his mended pants and that brings them a little closer again. Chapter 7 is also the chapter when Scout and Jem start to find things left for them in the knothole of a Radley tree.  They first find a ball of string but leave it there not knowing whose it is.  After a few days, and as it appears unclaimed, Scout and Jem take it.  This starts their daily ventures to the knothole on the way home from school to see if there is any other treasure left for them. 

Scout simply likes being with Jem, and as Jem is growing up, he is beginning to have other interests besides playing with Scout. Scout enjoys the time walking to and from school with Jem even though she hates school where she is bored and prevented to reading and writing the way she wants to. 

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You can find this in the very beginning part of Chapter 7.  In general, she does not like second grade.  They still won't let her read or write.

The only good thing about second grade, in Scout's opinion, is that it lasts longer each day.  This is good because it means that she is in school as long as Jem is.  Because of this, they can walk home together most days.  It is on one of these walks home together that Jem starts to tell Scout more about what happened the night when he went back to the Radleys' place to get his pants.

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