According to Robespierre, what were the goals of the war and the French Revolution?

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According to Robespierre, the goals of the war and the French Revolution were to bring democratic principles to France and to bring all the benefits associated with a democratic or republican form of government to France. He believed that the war and the French Revolution should bring equality and the peaceful enjoyment of liberty to the people of France. He believed everybody should have the opportunity share in the country's prosperity instead of just a handful of people.

In his speech to the Convention on February 5, 1794, he stated that the people should strive to serve France, and France should be a country where laws apply to all people. He stated that the French people wanted “to fulfill natures’s desires, accomplish the destiny of humanity, keep the promises of philosophy, absolve providence from the long reign of crime and tyranny.” Robespierre believed these goals could only be accomplished by a republican government. In a democracy or republican government, the laws that...

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