According to Plotinus, what is beauty? How does a person come to recognize that something is truly beautiful?

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M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Plotinus treatise 'On   that aesthetics, metaphysics, ethics, philosophy, and psychology are all interconnected. Hence, beauty is everywhere and can be summoned in many ways. However, there are specific forms of beauty, and each is proportional to the way in which the depth our character applies them.

Since beauty is a concept that originates in our brain and we abide by it, the harder it is to see, the higher its level of precedence. For example, a pretty person in the outside would be the lowest form because it is the most obvious kind. There is no mystery there.

However, when one is able to tr ascend the physical and find beauty in the forms outside of our immediate knowledge, then we are truly looking for the soul of beauty in itself, and we grow spiritually and philosophically in the process.