According to Petrocelli what is this case about? 

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Sandra Petrocelli begins her closing arguments by stating that the case is not about the character of Mr. Zinzi, Mr. Bolden, Osvaldo Cruz, or Richard 'Bobo' Evans. She then says that this case is about Mr. Nesbitt's right to live and enjoy the fruits of his labor. Petrocelli then says that it is the contention of the State to make sure that no one deprives another person of their life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. Petrocelli attempts to dismantle the defense's arguments which rely on the characters of those who testified. Petrocelli then proceeds to point out that the defense never attempted to question the integrity of Mr. Delgado, Lorelle Henry, or the City Clerk. She comments that Brigg's theory simply does not work and proceeds to elaborate as to why Steve Harmon, James King, Richard 'Bobo' Evans, and Osvaldo Cruz are all guilty in the robbery and murder of Aguinaldo Nesbitt. 

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