According to Orwell's ideas in Animal Farm, can man ever achieve a utopian society?What applications can one make to Man in the 20th century?

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kristenfusaro eNotes educator| Certified Educator

According to both of George Orwell's novels, Animal Farm and 1984, utopia is an impossibility and he mocks any government that attempts it. His main idea with Animal Farm was to mock the established Soviet Union; he was stating that their attempt at creating a utopia actually led them closer to a dystopia, thus producing two dystopic novels featuring communism - Animal Farm and 1984.

Allegorical to the creation of the Soviet Union, Napoleon in Animal Farm is directly connected to Joseph Stalin, while Snowball represents Leon Trotsky, and Old Major is Vladimir Lenin. Lenin's original concept of communism is commended by Orwell, as Old Major is a respected boar with wonderful ideals for animals, such as "All animals are created equal." Snowball attempts to establish this version of communism into "Animal Farm," but is quickly knocked out through the ruling of Napoleon, with help from Squealer (a representation of Stalin's biased newspaper, Pravda). Much like the people of the Soviet Union began to forget about Trostsky after his exhile, soon the animals have a hard time remembering what the establishment began as; keeping the animals ignorant, Squealer and Napoleon manage to rule over all of the animals. Perhaps the strongest criticism by Orwell is the grotesque misrepresentation that Napoleon had of communism compared to Old Major. Even the hardest working communist comrades, such as Boxer, whose motto was "I will work harder," eventually is sold to make glue. Soon the animals are reading "All animals are created equal, but some are more equal than others."

This representation directly correlates to man in the 20th century because it was pertaining to the people of communist nations, as it also does in 1984. George Orwell, by writing these dystopic novels, is strongly encouraging everyone to question the authority that rules them before blindly accepting it.