According to Nick, what does Gatsby mean when he says that Daisy's "voice is full of money"?

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In reply to Nick's comment that Daisy has "an indiscreet voice" that is "full of --," Gatsby replies that "Her voice is full of money." By "indiscreet voice," Nick is referring to the fact that Daisy has spent all afternoon flirting with Gatsby and even telling him she loves him directly in front of her husband. Nick means that she lacks self-restraint and even wisdom. However, Gatsby's comment that "her mouth is full of money" refers to Daisy's wealthy upbringing and demeanor. As Nick further realizes, Daisy's voice sounds like the voice of a "king's daughter." She sounds self-assured and like she can obtain anything she desires. According to Nick, her voice even "jingles" and clinks like money. Gatsby is pointing out that it is Daisy's wealth that has allowed and driven her to behave the way she has, such as shamelessly and indiscreetly flirting with Gatsby in front of her husband, and Nick agrees.

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At one point in the novel, Jay Gatsby romantically describes Daisy as "the grail," alluding to the holy grail, the unattainable goal of the chivalric knights.  In his quest for Daisy, whose name suggests purity, and in his romantic delusions, Gatsby perceives Daisy as the ultimate goal in his materialistic world.  However, by saying that her "voice is full of money," Gatsby suggests that she is also like a material object, namely money, that can be attained.

Interestingly, this figure of speech that Gatsby employs is ironic.  For one thing,  Gatsby suggests that Daisy's speech is the language of the wealthy, when in reality she speaks of petty things, even foolishness.  For another thing, it is not Daisy's voice at all that attracts Gatsby; it is the status of having a woman from the wealthy class that he desires.  Rather than being prized for her voice and what she says, Daisy is merely a status symbol. 

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