According to the narrator, who does the dusk hour belong to?

Expert Answers
mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The dusk hour belongs to those men and women who have been defeated in life because they are the kind of people who wish to hide in the half-light and shadows of this strange hour that is neither day nor night. 

Men and women, who had fought and lost, who hid their fallen fortunes and dead hopes as far as possible from the scrutiny of the curious, came forth in this hour of gloaming,

The "defeated" emerge at this time when long sunset shadows cast their shabby clothes in a colored and dim light, and when others cannot read the defeat in their eyes, or notice their slumped shoulders and bent heads, or a dragging walk. And, yet, it is also the hour that Norman Grotsky, who counts himself among the "defeated,"--although his failure has not been with money--likes to watch the others who wander about in the dusk and imagine what has befallen them.