According to Msimangu, the problem facing to the population of South Africa ?

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In the novel 'Cry The Beloved Country' one of the biggest problems facing the population of the troubled country of South Africa is economic inequality. South Africa is a country of fertile soils, clement weather and valuable earth resources yet the wealth is not shared equally, even today. Another problem was that the tribal structures were not suited to modern day economics and their social organisation made it difficult to communicate and organise in terms of business and labour. Their moral foundations were very diverse and this made it difficult to interact and to engage with the idea of whole nationhood. This is a problem which he sees as being unresolved and no effort has been expended in trying to develop solutions for change. Principally, he says that 'whites' have ruined all of  the old tribal traditions that were valuable and worth keeping as well. He feels that no new ideals have been held up for the people to replace their previous tribal system aspirations.

   --It suited the white man to break the tribe, ... [but] it has not suited him to buuild something in the place of what was broken. I have pondered this many hours, and I must speak, for it is truth to me.

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