According to Mr. Jamison why will Harlan Granger resent the Wallace store boycott in Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry?

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litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Mr. Jamison warns the Logans that if they boycott the store, Harlan Granger will lose money because of his percentage of the profits.

The Logans disagree with the way the Wallaces treat black people, but it is dangerous to suggest that white people should be punished for hurting or even killing black people.  This is what makes the boycott dangerous.  Even though the Logans own land, they don’t have as much power because if they use it as collateral to help other families shop, they risk losing it.

“And if you continue to encourage people not to shop at the Wallace store, you could still lose it. Don’t forget that Harlan leases that store land to the Wallaces and gets a hefty percentage of its revenue….” (ch 7)

Mr. Jamison tells them that the Berry brothers were accused of making advances to a white woman, which Granger won’t support, and that even though he does not agree with the Wallaces’ methods, he won’t go against them.

Jamison’s warning demonstrates what a huge risk the Logans are taking in trying to stand up to the Wallaces.  By encouraging other families to shop in Vicksburg, and even backing their purchases with the land for collateral, they are basically declaring war.  Most of the other whites will not support them.

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