According to Montresor, what type of person is Fortunato in "The Cask of Amontillado"?

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According to Montresor, Fortunato is a man who has caused him a "thousand injuries" and who has wronged him numerous times.  He never details, though, what Fortunato has supposedly done to him.  We do know that Fortunato is a powerful man who is respected and also feared.  He is competitive and always wants to be first in everything he does, so he is foolish when he wants to rush to the catacombs to be the first to taste the Amontillado. His pride and his single-mindedness helped contribute to his death.

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Fortunato was a pride person he was proud of what he (he could what kind of wine it was and if it was expensive or cheap and he could tell what year it was. but Montresor thought of him as a selfish man and a bragger i think?