How does Bernard turn the tables to humiliate the D.H.C. in Brave New World?

Expert Answers
buz713zle eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When Bernard and Lenina visit the Savage Reservation they meet Linda and her biological son John.  In the World State, humans are created out of test tubes. The very ideas of family and natural childbirth are obscene.  Earlier in the text, the DHC mentioned that he once visited the Savage Reservation on a date.  After hearing Linda and John speak about their experiences, it becomes clear to the reader that Linda was the one who was left behind by Tomakin (DHC) and that the DHC is the father of John.  Although some might falsely believe that Bernard is rescuing Linda and returning her to her home, it is clear to the reader that Bernard intends to introduce John to other members of the World State for the purposes of exposing the DHC's hypocritical act of fathering a child.

renelane eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Bernard wants to have some leverage against the Director. When Bernard discovers the Savage, he realizes that by bringing him back to society he will be able to get revenge against the Director, who has been threatening him with exile to Iceland. The Director’s reputation will be ruined when it is revealed he is a father.

Bernard also realizes that he will become the recipient of a lot of attention because everyone will want to see the Savage.