what did cronus do to his father uranus? how were the furies born and what do they do? who is aphrodite and how was she born?

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I'lll take a shot at answering three of your questions and let others do their share! (Just be aware that myth cycles often have some variant forms. Individual stories may differ slightly, even when the names are the same. Sometimes the names even change as you move from one version to another.)

Q: What did Cronus do to his father, Uranus?

A: At his mother's bidding, Cronus castrates his father (Uranus) while the latter slept. He then takes his father's place as the ruler and, in a vain attempt to prevent being overthrown himself, eats his children as they are born. Ever wonder how Freud came up with some of his theories? Now you know!

Q: What are the Furies?

The Furies are avenging female spirits, sometimes appearing as three winged women, who hound wrongdoers (especially murderers of family members) to the point of insanity. They're sort of like our guilty conscience! According to some versions of the Greek myths, these sisters were born from the blood spilled when Cronus deposed his father, Uranus.

Q: What's the story of Aphrodite's birth?

Uranus' severed genitals fell in the ocean, causing the water to bubble over. Aphrodite, the goddess of love, was born of this sea foam. Boticelli's famous painting "Birth of Venus" takes up this story of her origins.

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a) what didn't cronus to do uranus?

b) when an mummy and a daddy love each other very much, they have angry sex and make furious babies.

c) from her mum's vagina.

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