according to Erickson how can conflict in the first stage of development be resolvedtrust v mistrust

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The first stage within Erikson's theory of psychosocial development occurs from birth to approximately one year of age and is known as trust vs. mistrust. During this stage, an infant experiences the conflict of whether to trust or to not trust that his or her caregiver(s) will take care of his or her needs. This particular conflict can be resolved in two different ways. The first, more desirable, way is that the infant learns to trust his or her caregiver(s) once the infant experiences his or her needs being met on a consistent basis. The less desirable outcome is that the infant develops a sense of mistrust due to his or her caregiver(s) being emotionally unavailable or not providing consistent care. Although there are two ways to resolve the conflict of this stage, the successful resolution results in the infant developing a sense of trust.

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