According to Edwards, have human beings done anything to appease God?

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One of the main motivations of Edwards's sermon is to galvanize the listener or audience to grasp the anger that God possesses.  The anger of the divine is the result of how unhappy God is with the lack of spiritual affection given to him.  For Edwards, God's anger is the result of transgression.  In this, Edwards believes that human beings have not done enough to appease the divine. "Their foot will slip" is a repeated phrase that Edwards uses throughout the sermon.  This "slipping" is the result of human beings not doing enough in the name of the divine. Even if human beings have done enough, Edwards wishes to paint the picture of an unhappy vision of the divine.  This is where he recognizes that God's anger knows no limitations and that his wrath is the result of human beings not doing enough to please the will of the divine.

It is in this notion where Edwards drives home his point in his sermon.  Human beings are sinners that are dealing with the wrath of God.  In recognition of this condition of being, human beings have to alter their ways and must reform.  This is why Edwards does not feel that human beings have done enough.  They need to continue to feel that more must be done in order to avoid the anger of God and the wrath of the divine.


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