According to Diamond..According to Diamond, what are the three disadvantages to a purely western-style historical account (focused primarily on literate Eurasian and northern African societies)?

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ladyvols1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Diamond's philosophy was based on the idea that geography, or a society's location had everything to do with their progress. People are not born superior to another group.

"Diamond’s theory becomes apparent. He believes that the success of a society is not based on intelligence and ingenuity but instead on geography, food production, germs and immunity, the domestication of animals, and the discovery and use of steel."

The Eurasian societies advanced more quickly than other societies because they could more easily travel, communicate, and advance their ideas.  Without mountains, oceans, and geographical barriers they could share information, share values and share ideas more readily than those on the other side of the world, or those isolated by geographical barriers.

One reason the strictly Western style account of history is not the best account is because of the lack of diffusion of the over-all world history. An example of this limited perspective is the limited view the West has of African societies.  The only view the Western societies had of the Africans was slaves.  This limited their objective approach to a true historical account.  The ocean isolated the West from the more established societies, therefore, there was a more narrow perspective from which to relate history.  By being more isolated there is also a smaller population to draw on for knowledge, invention and development. Confined distribution, limited diffusion, and a lack of pre-history all influence the perspective of the written history.